About us

‘’Golden Ideas‘’ is a luxury customisation company who specialise in producing items in 24K gold & rose gold.
Our products are designed especially for extraordinary living and being admired by luxury and lifestyle lovers.

Gold is one of the most precious metals. The concept of gold has always been associated with fine living and luxury.

The privilege of richness and excellence over centuries have been represented by the possesion of gold ornaments.
Our unique products are created to satisfy the style and the elegance of all people that enjoy personalisation and exclusivity.

For any enquiries, please contact us on:

E-Mail: info@goldenideas.bg

Founder & CEO - Emil Stoyanov

Europe: +359 877 117 800

 U.A.E.:  +971 52 17 52 413

International Brand Representative - Ronald Daher

Middle East: +213 555 95 9995

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Europe  +359 887 11 78 00

U.A.E.    +971 52 17 52 413

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